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We are working on bleeding edge technology frontier for Cyber Defence and trying to design and deliver products that address concerns, gaps and problems in todays cyber world.

Security Data Lakes - Even a medium sized organisation generates 200 GB to 5TB of pure security data on a daily basis, making security devices one of the biggest generators of data today.

This data holds the real key to what the organisation needs for its cyber security in terms of processes, precautions and remedies.

IoT security aspects that are hardly addressed today, with all the new and newer applications emerging for them.

We have already developed a framework for IoT security ATOM (Analyse, Transform, Optimise and Manage). We are working towards a common approach for IoTs where the basic framework can be optimised and customised to different types of IoTs. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in this area and we have just started with what we believe would address the larger issues of IoT security.

We are also working on products that will combine the physical and cyber security perimeter and provide a much more robust defence posture.

Facial Recognition is one such aspect that we are working on to combine it with the present framework of Cyber Security which will definitely enhance the reach and penetration of both.