Parham - Security Automation

eGyanam’s Parham range of Security automation products enhance the existing SOC Solutions by reducing dependence on human interaction for addressing Security Incidents at critical Firewalls & other Security Devices.

Most SOCs fail to remediate any security incidents in real time as they serve as detection controls only. Dependence on human intervention in the form of SOC analysts & security teams, results in a delay of at least 15-60 minutes for closure of Security Incidents. Any hacking or any other advanced cyber attack attempt usually need a maximum 1-2 minutes to perpetrate the disaster scenario, where the traditional SOCs will not be able to provide the required protection because of delayed response from the involved teams.

This is how Parham works


eGyanam Parham can optimise and automate select critical Security Alerts from SIEMs including:

  • Splunk
  • IBM Qradar
  • RSA Netwitness
  • McAfee Nitro