SIEM / SOC Services

SIEM and Security Operations Center (SOC) are the main tools/facilities available to organisations today where enterprise information systems (web sites, applications, databases, data centers and servers, networks, desktops and other endpoints) are monitored, assessed, and defended.

We are one of the very few organisations having excellent expertise in all the leading SIEMs. We are authorised partners for Splunk, IBM, RSA and McAfee and deliver projects and support SOC services having different SIEMs with equal ease.

A SIEM is mostly an automated log solution with out-of-the-box and customisable correlation rules. Out of the box rules don’t take into account risks, the value of assets and how business processes interact with technology. However, it can detect hacking activity.

However, a SOC goes further to provide real time response to events. Rather than logging and correlating all activity after successful login, the SOC operator can determine the most reasonable course of action.

Threat Hunting uses the same infrastructure but takes it further again. After the SIEM has missed a relevant event or a SOC operator has dismissed an event as benign, threat hunting looks for patterns of behaviours that may indicate a compromise.

Our services cover the entire spectrum from SOC design to Implementation, Integration, Customisation and Automation which is the most important aspect of Cyber Defence today as the solutions today even from the biggest names is only about Out-of-Box, which does zilch for any organisation.

In todays circumstances, if your use cases are not customised, it might as well not be there as its only going to provide a sense of false security and not real security.

Specially Automation in Cyber Defence, which is our forte, is all about customisation without which even the best of products and solutions do not meet the expectation as even 99% is not good enough when its about security.